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"Cosmoseducation Overseas Education Overseas"(Cosmoseducation Overseas) is an upcoming Education consultancy dedicated to provide authentic and relevant academic Counseling for students aiming to study in Canada.

Facilitating hassle free we are committed for transpiration for, students to opt right career path, authentic paper work, and genuine visa guidance.

Our dedicated and highly efficient team are committed to asst students in every step to achieve these academic goal at Canada. Service/ Agenda.

  • Free Counselling.
  • Application Assistance.
  • Visa Assistance.
  • Predeparture

Cosmoseducation Overseas is one of the fastest emerging Indian consultancy that exclusively specializing in overseas education services. We offer a broad portfolio of excellently managed services right from pre-admission to post landing services tailored to the needs of each and every student seeking overseas education. We are one of the most sought after Overseas Consultants, known for their excellent services. Cosmoseducation Overseas provides information and services to the six countries for education – Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore – and hopes to add more destinations in future.

Why you should choose us

Personal counselling to select the best course and country for studying. Securing admission for the selected course in the best Institutions. Helping in securing education bank loans if needed. Assisting in Visa submissions and Interviews Flight booking advice Airport pickup and Accommodation finding service
Students need to prove that they have an unconditional offer on a full time course, proof of accommodation, sufficient funds (liquid assets) to cover the entire cost of studying and living in that country and that they intend to return home on completion of their course. The following documents are required for a student VISA: Completed VISA application form with passport size photographs.
  • Valid passport (in original)
  • Visa Fee (non- refundable)
Letter of unconditional acceptance from overseas education institution for a full time course Proof of funding (ie bank statement, details of securities held, chartered accountants certification, I Tax clearance, letter from sponsor etc.) Attested copies of education certificates and English language test (IELTS) score sheet (if applicable) Proof of accommodation in that country
Cosmoseducation Overseas Consultants have been awarded and given recognitions from many Universities from Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia & Singapore. The highly trained counselors along with visa professionals always ensure to strive for success throughout the year for the benefit of students career. The awards are been achievements for Cosmoseducation Overseas Consultancy to honor their skills and efforts for the individual universities for shaping futures of thousands of people.


There are numerous benefits to studying abroad, both academic and personal. On an academic level, you will become a well-rounded student by taking courses not offered on campus, or those similar to on-campus courses with a different academic context. You can also develop new intellectual pursuits, improve both your foreign language and English communication skills, or begin a new language. You will become more self-reliant and resourceful, make new friends, learn about your heritage or gain new perspectives on your identity, and delve into local arts, culture, cuisine, and sports. You will also make your resume more attractive to future employers because you will improve your interpersonal skills, and you can even gain international internship or volunteer experience. You have already thought a lot about where you’d like to Study Abroad and what kinds of amazing food you’ll get to eat while being there. But threes so much more to the experience: Living and studying abroad will prepare you for life in ways that no other opportunity can. Study Abroad program isn’t just a trip to a foreign country its a life-enriching experience that will help you learn about yourself and the world we live in.
Under new work permit regulations, international graduates with specific skills will be able to stay and work. Many students get a job in big giants as their head quarters are present mostly around the universities.
Applications are accepted for two sessions fall and winter. Applications are due the semester prior to studying and are available at the Office of Overseas Studies at the beginning of the semester in which they are due. For some programs, applications are accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted prior to the deadline.